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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Affiliate Programme?
Just click "Register" in the main navigation bar and follow the steps of the registration process. You will be contacted within two business days by our affiliate team.

How long does it take before I can start earning money?
Basically it does not take longer than two business days to check your application. As soon as it has been approved you will get access to our partner backend where you can setup your campaigns and start referring customers.

I run more than one website. Do I have to open an affiliate account for each of them?
No. Once you are approved as our affiliate partner you can create as many campaigns as you want in our affiliate backend. E.g. you could create one campaign for each website to get separate statistics for all of them.

Can I participate in other Affiliate Programmes at the same time?
Yes, our Affiliate Programme is non-exclusive, you are allowed to display ads of other Affiliate Programmes on your website at any time.

Does accept all websites?
We review each application individually and reserve the right to exclude websites at any time if we deem that its nature or content is not suitable for our Affiliate Programme.

Are there any running costs or a setup fee for partners?
No! Our Affiliate Programme is absolutely free to join and there are no running costs for our partners.

May I use the RaceBets logo and content on my website?
In the affiliates backend you have access to a wide range of marketing material, primarily banner ads in different sizes and languages. You must not alter these banners or create your own banners without the permission of RaceBets. All sites displaying RaceBets links or content must be registered within the affiliate backend.

I do not operate any website but want to refer customers through other channels. Can I still become an affiliate?
Yes. Please contact our affiliate team at giving us all the details on how you intend to refer customers. We will contact you within two business days.

What payment methods do you support to withdraw the commissions?
Affiliates can be paid by bank transfer and Moneybookers.

Is there a minimum commission before I get paid?
Yes, depending on your choosen withdrawal method the minimum is € 5 for Moneybookers or € 50 for bank transfers. If you do not manage to generate this minimum in a month your balance will roll over into the next month.

Do I have to inform you that I am tax registered?
Yes, if you are registered you must state this on the application form during the registration process. If you become tax registered at a later date you have to give us a prompt notice.

Do I need to send a monthly invoice to you?
If you are tax registered you will need to submit an invoice to receive your commissions payment. You will receive an email with details of how to submit your invoice at the start of each month. If you are not tax registered you do not need to do anything and you will receive your payment automatically.

How can I check how much I will get paid?
You can log into our affiliates backend at anytime to access daily updated statistics about your customers revenue and how much you have been paid for previous months.

What happens if one of the customers referred by me generates negative revenues?
The net revenue of all of your customers is summed up at the end of each month. If one of your customers is generating a negative revenue, means that he is winning money or at least his losses do not cover the costs he created, but other customers of you lost money, you probably still receive a commission payment. Just for the case that the sum is nil or negative, you do not receive a payment for that month, but negative sums will not be carried over to the following month.

How often are the statistics in the affiliate backend updated?
All statistics will be usually updated every night.

How do I know that a customer has registered after clicking a banner on my website?
The HTML code we provide you with to deliver our ads to your visitors contains your unique Campaign ID. When one of your visitor refers to our site by clicking such a banner we drop a cookie with this Campaign ID on his computer. During the registration process we check if such a cookie exists and if it does we can identify the partner who referred him.

How long is the cookies lifetime?
The cookies lifetime is set to 30 days. This means that a referred visitor could navigate away from and providing that he returns and registers within 30 days, he will still be considered as referred by you.

What happens if a visitor declines to accept the tracking cookie or deletes it manually?
All popular browsers do not ask their users to accept or decline cookies but accept them by default. However it could happen that due to technical reasons the cookie cannot be set or gets lost. In such a case we unfortunately cannot relate the visitor to any of our affiliate partners.