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How it works

Fundamentally, the only requirement for you to participate in our Affiliate Programme is that you operate one or multiple websites where you can place banner ads on. If that is the case the first step would be to apply as a partner by filling in the registration form. Our Affiliate Team should contact you within two business days.

If your application is approved you will be granted access to our partners backend where you can create, manage and monitor your campaigns. For instance, you could create a campaign for each of your websites to have separated statistics of clicks, registrations and revenues for each one. You can choose the banner ads you want to use from our pool of banner media, categorised by size and language, for each campaign. You will then receive the HTML code you need to integrate the banners on your website to start delivering our ads.

Whenever a visitor of your website clicks on one of our banners, our website will open in a new window and a tracker cookie will be set on your visitor's computer, identifying him as a visitor referred by you. This cookie is valid for 30 days, which means if the visitor registers with us within that period, he/she will be counted as a customer you referred.

In the backend you can access daily updated statistics about clicks and registrations generated by your banners, as well as statistics about the daily net revenue/turnover generated by your customers. We will inform you monthly about the commission you earned in the previous month via email and transfer the amount to you by the payment method you would have chosen.