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Welcome to the Affiliate Programme

Do you operate a popular website whose visitors could be interested in betting on horse races? Then you should start earning money with your visitors today! It's very easy:

Register with our Affiliate Programme and we will provide you with our banner media in different languages and a unique tracking link for each of the campaigns you run on your website. Every customer who registers an account with through one of your tracking links will be considered your customer. That means that you will receive a lifetime commission of up to 35 % of the net revenue which we receive from that customer.


Your customers generate a net revenue of € 7,000 within one month. If you have decided on the revenue commission you will receive a commission of € 2,100 for that month.

We bear full risk at all times: in the case of your customers winning money, we never ask for a commission refund or anything similar. You are in the position to earn money and are guaranteed not to lose any.
Have a look at our Reward Plans and register today. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to assist you.